A Beloved, Longstanding Tradition

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One of the greatest gestures of love and compassion is giving flowers to someone you care about. Whether it’s to celebrate your love or to mourn the passing of a loved one, giving flowers is a sign of tenderness and kindness, but when did this tradition begin?

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The History of Giving Flowers

As with many traditions, this practice was initially intended for a slightly different purpose than its modern iteration. The tradition of giving flowers dates all the way back to prehistoric times when different types of flowers were believed by early man to possess certain medicinal benefits. Archaeologists have found preserved flower petals in grave sites and speculated that early man used them as signs of charity.

Archaeologists discovered that several cultures around the world engaged in the tradition. The practice was well documented in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Chinese writings and even seen in Greek and Roman Mythology.

The tradition that we know today began to take form in the Middle Ages. The Church was vehement about forbidding public displays of affection at the time, but Middle Age couples worked their way around it by giving flowers to show their emotions without worrying someone would report them. Some couples were sly enough to include secret messages to each other, hidden in their bouquets. The use of flowers in Middle Age theater also contributed to the tradition, as it was believed to be bad luck to have flowers onstage unless they were given to a leading lady at the end of the performance.

At the time, only men gave flowers to women, and women who gave flowers to men were considered improper. However, prurient attitudes have changed, as women give flowers to men at comparable rates as men give flowers to women now.

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